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[26 Oct 2003|06:24pm]
mmk, so nothing really has been going on. i've been really busy planning for the Halloween party i'm having on Saturday. eek, i can't believe it's that close *hides in a corner* i've also been freaking out because i'm failing 4 classes i have a feeling *sigh* i HATE school. it sucks. i can't wait until i go to college. that sounds stupid, yeah i know, but it's homework that kills me. i think it's pointless, so i don't do it. which is immature and irrisponsible on my part, but i couldn't care less. if it only takes me listening to the teacher to get what s/he's talking about then i don't understand why i have to do something else about it. so..yeah...that's pretty much all that's been going on. gotta go. toodles.

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emo post...sorry.... [22 Oct 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

alright..so nothing much has been going on, but yeah....i'm just getting tired of being alone. no matter what i do or who i'm with somehow i always feel alone. i guess i'm trying to detach myself from all of my friends somewhat so i won't throw a kicking, screaming, crying fit when they go off to college. *sigh* i hate being so much younger than they are. i mean, i have hardly any friends in my grade level, because unlike most of the kids in my grade, i'm interested in things besides who's in who's pants. i don't care about J.Lo and Ben and i couldn't give a shit if Demi Moore was dating one of the Olsen twins. i like to talk about things and god forbid, ideas. art, music, world politics, religous beliefs, society's undermining of the person, individuality, how people try and force us to be something we're not... call me weird, (i've been getting it since kindergarten...don't worry i'm used to it) call me whatever you want, i just don't care about stupid trivial matters. i swear to you, the way that some of the kids at my school act...i didn't even act like that in kindergarten. i was too busy listening to Green Day, Nirvana and Motley Crue to give a shit about Barney and stupid bodily functions (which somehow are still funy to this day to some people.) blah...it's just...next year i'm going to be alone. i'm not going to be able to have a decent conversation with anyone until my senior year and maybe not even then. the only person that i can think of that is even remotely close to my age and interested in half the things i am is Josh. he's this guy that one of my best friends got set up on a date with for homecoming...god, he's amazing. i mean...we're practically the same personality wise...even Jenny said so. i guess i could get Jenny to give me his number before she leaves at the end of the year, but he doesn't live here. so, i'm going to be alone. everyone i love is leaving and that's that. i'm tired of being alone, i'm tired of being the youngest, i'm tired of stupid, immature people...i'm just sick of it all and i want to leave this stupid ass hick town. i know the people won't be different, everywhere you go there's someone that reminds you of someone in the place you left behind...but maybe just being somewhere else would be good.... god i hate this.

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new layout! [19 Oct 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

fun for me. new layout. hmm, so i got sonic today :D. oh yeah...i was gonna tell you guys about the fair and stuff..

so Jenny called at one or something yesterday and asked if i wanted to go to the fair. i said yeah so she came at 2 and we went, so we're walking around and we ride the Alpine Bob...which goes on for 4 minutes longer than it usually does. so then we go ride the Orbiter which is one of the bestest rides at the fair. after that we have to go to the Harvest Club to meet up with her parents (it's a family thing they do every year) and so they tell us to go eat and then meet them there at 6 or something like that. so i had cheesecake on a stick (yes, cheesecake and yes on a stick) that was covered in chocolate. "everything tastes better on a stick" - said by a member of Riverfly (a band that was playing the fair that day) and while we were sitting down Jenny goes "and the ever unanswerable question...what do you do with it if you don't swallow?" hahahaha anyway...that was spawned by my sausage on a stick earlier that was very phallic looking. i was waving it at Jenny and she lost and and goes "don't point that at me!" haha anyway so i said "you spit" and she goes "but...then you'd have to have some kind of...SPIT RECEPTICAL!!! and that's just weird" so that goes on for a while and then she said something about my sausage on a stick from earlier and i said "mayonnaise" and she goes "no...no mayonnaise" i said "you don't eat mayonnaise?" "no...only on my sandwiches" and then i busted out laughing and that was the joke for the rest of the day. :D

ok...so later when her mom takes us to The Art Studio (her mom took us because she didn't want Jenny driving down to there at night and what not...) we got to see Uphoria, but not after Adam got lost and i had to long distance navigate him there by way of Jenny on my cell phone. it was ok though cause we got to see them again and they're still fantastic. Clayton's mom is really nice, very supportive and what not. i like her.

yeah...so i really should be doing my computer science homework. i think i'm gonna do that. toodles.

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oh yay... [19 Oct 2003|01:47am]
[ mood | cold ]

yay for me. i have a LiveJournal now... thanks sooooooo much to Amanda for just letting me have this journal. hmm so it's like, 2 in the morning and i just finished deleting all of her old journal entries, but that's ok cause my fucking year long search for a LJ is over. i'm pathetic, i know, but all of my favorite communities are on LJ and so are most of my friends..and it was really annoying me that i didn't have one...so, i have one now. yay for me. so, i'm gonna go because i'm about to pass out. toodles.

//edit\\ alright..so the layout needs major work..and i know that...but deal now, k?

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